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An Ash Grey canvas infused with gold tones, crafting an ode to elegance. The Bridal A-line Shirt dances with grandeur, with each thread telling a tale of craftsmanship. The neckline and motif detailing weave an intricate story, guiding eyes through the rich tapestry. Dabka artistry meets ethereal Kamdani florals, dazzling like stars against the midnight velvet. The sleeves bear an imprint of gold sequined jaal, beckoning the embrace of the sun. Kamdani chan resides like enchanted dew, creating a lustrous aura of royalty. Enter the Farshi, a pantheon of scalloped perfection, where resham and handwork elegantly converge. A testament to meticulous design, it whispers of secrets in the palace corridors. The resplendent patterns bloom like garden vistas, with each stitch paying tribute to the dedication of craftsmen. Gently enveloping, the Dupatta tells a story of Kamdani checks, with each check serving as a window to dreams. Borders laden with heirloom richness carry centuries of legacy.
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Behold the magnificence of an exaggerated neckline adorned with intricate jaal design, a dance of artistry on a pure cotton net adorned with gold zari. Paired exquisitely with a Farshi lehnga, where check detailing meets resham embroidery and delicate handwork, creating a masterpiece.
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A masterpiece of a red raw silk lehenga choli, adorned with intricate gota, resham, cut beads, and Swarovski stones. A seamless symphony of craftsmanship, fit for a queen's dream. The ethereal allure of kamdani spray and motifs on the dupatta adds a touch of enchantment to this bridal reverie.
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A soft net lehenga adorned with intricate patterns of animal motifs that cascade like symbols of nobility. Paired impeccably, the heavily worked choli tells a tale of artistry, each detail weaving a narrative of opulence. The soft net Dupatta drapes like a celestial veil, its sequined constellation like patterns shimmering with cosmic allure. Borders framing all sides add the finishing touch to this masterpiece, embodying timeless grace. ‘Mia’, is a manifestation of majestic charm and sophistication that captures the essence of regal magnificence.
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A vision of timeless splendor, this saree drapes you in opulence, stitched from the finest ivory shimmer fabric, intricately embellished with cut dana, gold moti and sequin detailing. The delicate dance of gold on ivory tells a tale of regal grandeur, a symphony of elegance that stands the test of time.
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This red classic A-line bridal shirt is a masterpiece, adorned with intricate details guiding you through opulent craftsmanship. Dabka dances with Kamdani florals, composing a symphony of regal beauty. The farshi envelopes you in chatta patti borders and resham embroidery, whispering tales of grandeur. The dreamlike dupatta carries an elaborate Kaamdani pattern adorned with meticulously embellished borders on all sides. Step into aristocracy with this ensemble that paints you as the true 'Rani' you are.
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A raw silk kalidar, resplendent with intricate gota and tilla detailing, each resham French knot a testament to artistry. Paired with a pure jamawar lehnga, a dance of opulence, and a chunri chaddar adorned with kaamdani and dabka motifs, crafting an ensemble fit for a modern empress.
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A masterpiece lehnga choli of a pure lama, adorned with an intricate tapestry of flora and fauna, brought to life by the shimmering dance of cut beads, dabka, Swarovski stones, and contrasting resham.
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A magenta canvas adorned with intricate gold whispers of elegance. The oversized neckline border and the mesmerising jaal weave a saga of tradition and artistry. Enveloped in the ethereal grace of a resham embellished rose gold farshi, each stitch tells a story of grandeur. Crowned with a metallic gold kaamdani dupatta, its heavy borders a symphony of craftsmanship.
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An Ivory and Rust ensemble from the regal bridal collection beckons you into a realm of timeless grandeur. The soft net kalidar, a canvas of dreams, is meticulously adorned with handwork detailing that gracefully traces the neckline and panels, reminiscent of ancient craftsmanship. Paired with a pure jamawar choli and lehenga, every thread sings a tale of tradition and elegance, a symphony of heritage. The crowning jewel, a kaamdani dupatta, exquisitely crafted with delicate handwork borders on all four sides, embraces you in a whisper of luxury fit for a modern queen.
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Emerald elegance personified, A maroori embroidered shirt and dupatta, a regal masterpiece from our bridal collection
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A magenta self jamawar shirt, a canvas of pure elegance, exudes sophistication with intricate handwork and resham detailing that dances along its contours, a tribute to timeless artistry. Paired flawlessly with a raw silk izaar, its captivating design mirrors the shirt's splendor, creating a harmonious symphony of luxury. Paired with a banarsi dupatta, a testament to traditional craftsmanship and modern sensibility. Every inch is adorned with delicate kaamdani work, it gracefully drapes you in a cascade of opulent beauty.
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