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Design Code: AJMSE-01
Color: Ash Grey Work Details: Embellished

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An Ash Grey canvas infused with gold tones, crafting an ode to elegance. The Bridal A-line Shirt dances with grandeur, with each thread telling a tale of craftsmanship. The neckline and motif detailing weave an intricate story, guiding eyes through the rich tapestry. Dabka artistry meets ethereal Kamdani florals, dazzling like stars against the midnight velvet. The sleeves bear an imprint of gold sequined jaal, beckoning the embrace of the sun. Kamdani chan resides like enchanted dew, creating a lustrous aura of royalty. Enter the Farshi, a pantheon of scalloped perfection, where resham and handwork elegantly converge. A testament to meticulous design, it whispers of secrets in the palace corridors. The resplendent patterns bloom like garden vistas, with each stitch paying tribute to the dedication of craftsmen. Gently enveloping, the Dupatta tells a story of Kamdani checks, with each check serving as a window to dreams. Borders laden with heirloom richness carry centuries of legacy.


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