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Dive into the luxurious embrace of maroon velvet. Every stitch on this long maroon velvet shirt is a testament to opulence, while the intricate embellishments of dabka, gota, and shimmering stones make each moment a masterpiece. This is your time in the spotlight, where velvet meets Vogue.
Rs 52,000


Elevate your style quotient with Amara from the opulent Velvet and Vogue collection. This contemporary masterpiece marries tradition with modernity. Adorned with intricate resham embroidery, shimmering cut beads, and exquisite dabka and tikki stones, this angarkha encapsulates sophistication and artistry. Step into a world where timeless elegance meets contemporary allure.
Rs 78,500


Discover the epitome of contemporary luxury with Floriana. Each intricate stitch and embellishment tells a story of artistry, as cut beads and tikki stones dance upon the sumptuous velvet canvas. This kaftan is your passport to a world where elegance meets avant-garde fashion.
Rs 45,000


Indulge in the opulence of Avelina, from the Velvet and Vogue collection. This kaftan is a captivating fusion of dark, rich velvet and a mesmerizing print that draws you into its enigmatic allure. Embellished with meticulously crafted cut beads and tikki stones, it's a tribute to modern fashion, where glamour and sophistication merge effortlessly. With each stride, you exude an air of confident allure, making this kaftan the ultimate choice for those who appreciate the luxurious side of style.
Rs 45,000


Dive into the world of timeless beauty with Esmeralda. This stunning emerald green velvet A-line shirt is a celebration of sophistication. Adorned with meticulously crafted zari work and resham detailing, it tells a tale of artisanal excellence. The subtle glint of gota cut beads and the glistening radiance of dabka embellishments elevate this piece into a work of art. Step into the spotlight and let your presence resonate with opulence and charm.
Rs 55,000


Discover a new level of fashion with Eira - a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. This stunning piece showcases meticulously crafted neckline embroidery and handwork, weaving a tapestry of artistry that defies convention. The harmonious detailing on the sleeves underscores our unwavering dedication to creating an unforgettable ensemble that truly sets the bar high.
Rs 52,000


Everleigh is the epitome of contemporary luxury. Its long emerald velvet silhouette, with monotone anchor embroidery on the neckline and sleeves, exudes an air of effortless glamor. This is a piece that speaks to the modern woman, someone who appreciates the fusion of comfort and style. Wear it with confidence and become the embodiment of sophistication in the fashion world.
Rs 45,500


Elevate your style to the pinnacle of couture with Irisa. This ensemble is a testament to contemporary chic, where every detail exudes a sense of refined opulence. The luxurious velvet jacket, adorned with intricate pearl and tikki stone botis, becomes a canvas of artistry, creating a captivating neckline that is destined to command attention. This masterpiece effortlessly traverses the delicate bridge between tradition and modernity, making it the ultimate choice for the discerning, fashion-forward woman. When you adorn yourself in this ensemble, you're not merely getting dressed; you're making a powerful, unapologetic statement, embodying the very essence of sartorial elegance and confidence.
Rs 55,000


Guided by elegance, Isalina embodies a vision of unwavering sophistication. The tailored sleeves, adorned with delicate white anchor thread embroidery, infuse a hint of nautical charm into every stitch. Enhanced with meticulously placed self-cut beads and glistening stones, it stands as a versatile masterpiece, seamlessly transitioning from formal soirees to casual rendezvous with effortless grace
Rs 45,000


Immerse yourself in the epitome of sartorial splendor with Natalia. This haute couture piece marries a refined turtleneck design with opulence, featuring an embroidered shawl adorned with sumptuous zari and resham work. The ensemble is meticulously curated with raw silk pants, presenting an unparalleled ode to timeless elegance and a masterclass in contemporary sophistication.
Rs 87,500


Opt for this luxurious maroon velvet kurta decked with a juxtaposition of gold silk thread embroidered neckline with burnt orange appliqued patches on the sleeves with gorgeous gota details and jewelled motifs with gold sequins sprayed all over the Kurta. It is paired with a silk block-printed dupatta and a flattering raw-silk izaar which is detailed with self jamawar borders. The ensemble is completed with a lotus potli bag with zari work accents.
Rs 49,500


A deep maroon shade kurta cut from sumptuous velvet is scattered with embroidered neckline with gold silk thread hand work with scarlet toned self jamawar boxers on sleeves and daman. It is paired with a pure silk dupatta with metallic gold block printing on the borders and raw-silk pants, a versatile and chic ensemble for the winter festivities. Pair this ensemble with our delicate zari worked matching maroon velvety potli bag.
Rs 52,500

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