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Super pretty Icey blue with fresh hues of blues and lilacs in a digitally printed signature schiffli in forever classic and favorite angrakha kalidaar silhouette. Filled with floral and scalloped details. Adorned with feminine chic laces and embellished with sequins embroidered borders and details. The ensemble is completed with a rich silk medium silk dupatta and dyed solid pants.
Rs 32,500


A lavender digital printed Schiffli combined with fresh feminine color combination of spring. Adorned with chic feminine white laces and embroidery details. This lavender dream outfit adds a classic charm to our signature angrakha kalidaar silhouette. The ensemble is completed with ombre pure silk dupatta that’s adding that extra oomph factor to it and dyed soild pants.
Rs 32,500


Introducing our exquisite watermelon pink Kalidar the botanical motif embroidery, meticulously placed sequin touches, and delicate lace detailing come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind ensemble. The watermelon pink base is enhanced with hues of mints, aqua, and ivory, depicting a fresh spring floral imagery and evoking the vibrant beauty of a blooming garden. This enchanting colour palette adds an extra touch of allure to the ensemble. Paired with a medium raw silk dupatta and matching pants, this Kalidar offers a complete and coordinated look.
Rs 33,500

Mint Blossom

Step into style with our minty fresh Short Box Kurta! The mint shade, blended with hints of pink and lavender tints, creates a refreshing and delightful color palette. Delicate pearl strings and a touch of French and botanical florals add an elegant charm. The kurta features baroque style embroidery detailing and exquisite Schiffli borders, exuding sophistication. Paired with an embroidered khari shalwar and medium raw silk dupatta, this ensemble is a perfect combination of style and grace.
Rs 33,500


A periwinkle short box kurta with intricate embroidery detailing inspired by schiffli motifs, paired with a chic khari shalwar featuring schiffli borders, make for the perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary style. Paired with a gorgeous digital printed medium silk dupatta that adds the perfect finishing touch.
Rs 33,500

Sequin Soiree

Featuring a playful digital print, the kalidar showcases schiffli detailing and intricate leaf-inspired embroidery, adding a touch of artistry to the design. Dazzling sequins bring a glamorous sparkle to the piece, while adorable white laces provide an extra dose of charm. Completed with a medium raw silk dupatta and matching pants, this ensemble offers a coordinated and sophisticated look.
Rs 33,500

Lacy Rose

Feel absolutely gorgeous in this stunning Long A-line Kurta, boasting a ravishing Rose Latte hue. The kurta boasts a ravishing Rose Latte pink shade, beautifully complemented by soft mints and ivories. The composition of the shirt is adorned with baroque style florals, adding an exquisite touch to the ensemble. The delicate embroidery and luxe lace detailing enhance the elegance of the kurta, while the Schiffli touch gives it a classic and timeless look. The intricate baroque style embroidery further elevates the design, adding a touch of sophistication. To complete the look, the kurta is paired with a medium raw silk dupatta and matching pants.
Rs 33,500

Citronella Swirl

Add a vibrant pop of citrus to your wardrobe with our stunning lemon printed kalidar. The lemon citrus base is adorned with white lilies delicately sprayed over it, creating a refreshing and lively look. The ensemble showcases a colour block border in fresh greens and aquas, further accentuating its botanical garden feel. The piece features intricate lace detailing, Gara style embroidery, and delicate sequin touches. The combination of these exquisite elements adds a touch of elegance and allure to the ensemble, making it a true standout. Paired with a medium raw silk dupatta and matching pants, this ensemble offers a complete and coordinated look.
Rs 33,500


Introducing our stunning A-line White Kurta, a fashion-forward choice that combines modern elegance with timeless appeal. This immaculate white kurta features exquisite gara style embroidery, meticulously crafted to create intricate and captivating patterns. The delicate embroidery is further enhanced with subtle sequin touches, adding a touch of glamour and sparkle to the ensemble. Complementing the kurta is a printed digital silk dupatta, showcasing a mesmerising design that effortlessly captures attention. The digital print brings to life a fusion of colours and patterns, creating a striking visual impact. To complete the ensemble, we offer a pair of crisp white pants that perfectly complement the kurta.
Rs 33,500

Buttercream Dream

A stunning buttercream straight Angrakha silhouette with elegant straight sleeves. Features run on schiffli adorned with intricate motifs. Paired with wide-leg pants provide the perfect balance of comfort and chic. Complete the look with a digitally printed Dupatta, adding a modern twist to this classic ensemble.
Rs 33,500


This bespoke Ombré shirt is a true masterpiece, with its front open design and schiffli patterns adding a luxurious touch to the fabric. The intricate floral embroidery in rich hues of orange and lime yellow cascades down the length of the shirt, while the pearls delicately embellish and elevate the design to another level of opulence. Paired with dhaaka pants and a digitally printed medium silk dupatta, this ensemble is the epitome of sophistication and grace.
Rs 32,500

Amethyst Aura

This stunning bespoke ensemble features a gradient of ethereal lilac hues, expertly crafted with the utmost attention to detail using the finest and most delicate laces in an A-line silhouette the ensemble is adorned with exquisite floral and botanical embroidery, meticulously rendered with a keen eye for intricacy and beauty. Each element of this ensemble speaks to the highest levels of artistry and craftsmanship. The ensemble is completed with digitally printed medium silk dupatta and solid dyed pants.
Rs 32,500

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