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Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of our pure rawsilk 2-piece ensemble. The shirt, adorned with exquisite embroidery and gori work, comes alive with the delicate shimmer of cut Dana and pearls. The ethereal dupatta drapes gracefully, featuring embroidered bunches on the pallu. Embrace the elegance of lilac in a symphony of meticulous craftsmanship.
Rs 70,000


Elevate your style with our pure rawsilk oversized kurta, a canvas of resham embroidery and exquisite cutwork detailing on the sleeves and collar. Embrace comfort with functionality as the oversized kurta features pockets, blending fashion with practicality. Paired seamlessly with matching rawsilk pants, this ensemble is a symphony of elegance and ease.
Rs 48,500


Elevate your style with our pure rawsilk jacket adorned with intricate fabric appliqu├ęs and delicate threadwork detailing. The jacket, a canvas of timeless elegance, comes with a luxurious pure crepe silk lining, providing a touch of sophistication. Paired effortlessly with boot-cut pants, this ensemble is a symphony of grace and opulence.
Rs 65,000


Make a statement in our pure rawsilk sherwani-inspired front-open shirt. Adorned with intricate embroidery and chic cutwork detailing on the sleeves, it's a fusion of tradition and modern flair. The ensemble is completed with a medium silk dupatta featuring organza and 3D floral detailing, paired effortlessly with straight pants. Unleash your regal charm with this striking ensemble.
Rs 60,000


Embrace grace in our pure raw silk oversized kurta, adorned with delicate kantha stitch embroidery detailing. The shirt is a canvas of sophistication in a soft powder pink hue, paired effortlessly with straight pants. A symphony of style and comfort for the modern muse.
Rs 65,000


Immerse yourself in the cool embrace of our pure crepe silk 2-piece ensemble. The anchor embroidery in ivory, adorned with delicate white cut Dana and pearls, adds a touch of sophistication to the outfit. Paired effortlessly with a medium silk dupatta featuring resham embroidery, this ensemble is a vision of timeless charm and grace.
Rs 65,000

Sapphire Whispers

Indulge in the artistry of navy blue opulence. This 3-paneled long A-line kurta is a masterpiece of elegance. The center panel boasts exquisite run-on schiffli, while the solid side panels dazzle with delicate block print and embroidery detailing. Lace graces the sleeves and daman, adding an extra layer of refinement. Accompanied by a block-printed dupatta with organza and lace detailing, and sleek straight pants.
Rs 55,000

Navy Cascade

A stunning pure raw silk box-style kurta paired with sleek boot cut pants. The meticulous ribbon-inspired embroidery gracefully adorns the sleeves, collar, and hemline, harmonising luxury and style effortlessly.
Rs 65,000


Dreamy hues of ice blue and beige exude timeless sophistication in this ensemble. The pure crepe shirt with a captivating color block border boasts intricate block printing and delicate handwork, elevating the artistry. Paired flawlessly with pure raw silk pants and complemented by a block printed medium silk dupatta, this ensemble is a masterclass in effortless elegance.
Rs 70,000

Seaside Blossom

Intricately embroidered botanical motifs gracefully intertwine on pure raw silk, as pearly tassels sway with each movement. Accompanied by a crush dhaka and a medium silk dupatta, lavishly adorned with exquisite lace, this creation ignites the inner goddess within. Step into a world of mesmerising allure and leave an indelible impression.
Rs 70,000

Silken Foliage

Elegance meets artistry. Introducing Maroon, a stunning pure crepe silk kaftan adorned with exquisite leafy handwork, featuring a chic low chaak and playful tassel detailing.
Rs 45,000

Fuchsia Fantasy

Unleash your vibrant side with Fuchsia Pink. This short box kurta in pure dotted Cotton net exudes charm with baroque-inspired embroidery on the hemline and sleeves, adorned with embellished buttons on the neckline. Complete with a pure raw silk shalwar and a medium silk dupatta featuring delicate organza detailing.
Rs 55,000

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