Rs 55,000
    SKU: AJV23-11
    Design Code: AJV23-11
    Color: Purple Fabric: Velvet Work Details: Embellished

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    Elevate your style to the pinnacle of couture with Irisa. This ensemble is a testament to contemporary chic, where every detail exudes a sense of refined opulence. The luxurious velvet jacket, adorned with intricate pearl and tikki stone botis, becomes a canvas of artistry, creating a captivating neckline that is destined to command attention. This masterpiece effortlessly traverses the delicate bridge between tradition and modernity, making it the ultimate choice for the discerning, fashion-forward woman. When you adorn yourself in this ensemble, you're not merely getting dressed; you're making a powerful, unapologetic statement, embodying the very essence of sartorial elegance and confidence.


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