Sicily Winter Silk 23/24

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Rosette Eleganza

Draped in luxury: Fuchsia pink charmeuse silk dip dye kaftan. The embodiment of elegance with a touch of artistry. Resham embroidery, cutdana, sequins, and stones adorn the neckline, a masterpiece of craftsmanship.
Rs 45,500

Aurora Frost

Draped in the ethereal allure of icy blue, this raw silk sherwani ensemble redefines elegance. With intricate embroidered button detailing adorning the front open shirt, and accompanied by sleek straight pants. The chiffon dupatta, embellished with ribbon appliqué and delicate lace finishings, adds a touch of celestial grace.
Rs 58,500

Ethereal Whisper

An ivory raw silk short box kurta and shalwar, adorned with meticulous embroidery and delicate handwork, create a harmonious blend of grace. The 'hota' detailing on the shirt adds a touch of intricate charm. The shalwar features intricate block print detailing. The dip-dyed dupatta, sprinkled with sequins, unveils a mesmerizing color breakdown.
Rs 58,500

Seraphina Silk

Draped in the lap of luxury, the taupe charmeuse silk draped dress stands as a testament to elegance reimagined. The ethereal flow of the dress is harmonized with a blazer top, adorned with exquisite anchor embroidery.
Rs 80,000


A periwinkle raw silk ensemble redefines elegance. A masterpiece of craftsmanship, the embroidered sleeves of the jacket tell a tale of artistry. Paired with a luxurious crepe silk inner and the graceful silhouette of raw silk boot cut pants.
Rs 70,500

Stardust Reverie

A white crepe silk charm, open kalidar whispers of timeless allure, adorned with resplendent jewel tone embroidery that graces the neckline and dances like stars across the fabric. Every step is a symphony of sophistication, accompanied by an izaar that adds a touch of grace. Wrapped in the medium silk embroidered dupatta, you wear a masterpiece of opulence.
Rs 60,000


Step into the realm of timeless allure with the black crepe silk enigma. This long straight shirt, an embodiment of understated luxury, drapes you in sophistication. The fitting sleeves and intricate ari embroidery on both the shirt and dupatta whisper tales of elegance. Complemented by sleek straight pants, it's a symphony of grace and style.
Rs 65,000

Elysian Opal

An ivory crepe silk open kalidar, embellished with delicate pastel tone embroidery becomes a canvas of sophistication. Organza detailing on the neckline adds a touch of whimsy. Handwork detailing enhances every thread of embroidery, a tribute to craftsmanship. The block-printed dupatta and crushed dhaka pants complete the symphony of luxury.
Rs 70,000


Drenched in sunshine, the lemon raw silk ensemble radiates brilliance and elegance. Embellished with exquisite anchor embroidery, the shirt dazzles with cutwork detailing along the neckline, sleeves, and pants.
Rs 67,500


A pistachio green crepe silk open - sides kalidar, adorned with resham embroidery and meticulous handwork detailing. Paired with ivory crush pants and a dip-dyed block printed dupatta, it's a symphony of style and artistry.
Rs 70,000

Lace Sonata

Embrace the allure of the Rose Pink raw silk and chantilly lace ensemble. The chantilly lace details on the shirt are a testament to elegance, embellished by handwork featuring cutdana and sequins. Draped in a medium silk dupatta with lace borders, and accompanied by sleek straight pants.
Rs 65,000


A lilac raw silk ensemble with intricate paisley motif detailing on the shirt, complemented by delicate button patti, transforms every glance into a moment of admiration. Paired with sleek straight pants and an ethereal organza dupatta.
Rs 55,000

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