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Adorn yourself in the elegance of teal raw silk. A testament to chic minimalism, the shirt's exaggerated long neckline adorned with single dhaga embroidery is a stroke of refined artistry. Paired with a medium silk embroidered dupatta and sleek straight pants.
Rs 55,000

Amber Luxuria

Drape yourself in the opulence of the burnt orange pure raw silk kalidar. Its heavily embellished body, adorned with an all-over block pattern, is a masterpiece of artistry. Intricate Schiffli borders on the sleeves and hem elevate the ensemble's elegance.
Rs 90,000


Immerse yourself in a world of opulence with our ox-red straight shirt ensemble. The Indian sleeves and heavily embellished V neckline, adorned with exquisite jewels, dabka, and gota work, create a striking statement of refinement. Paired with churidar pants for a timeless silhouette, and complemented by a medium silk block-printed dupatta, this ensemble exudes sophistication in every thread.
Rs 80,000


This exquisite a-line shirt boasts an enhanced neckline and delicate touches of grace. Paired with crushed rose pink pants, it offers the epitome of monochrome sophistication. The medium silk dupatta adorned with organza and gota detailing adds an extra layer of charm. Explore the perfect pink, reminiscent of Barbie's world, blending lace and French florals with a touch of vintage camouflage. This design showcases Indian textile-inspired motifs layered with chunri for a timeless allure.
Rs 57,000


This enchanting A-line tunic features meticulous handwork detailing to enhance the captivating print. Paired gracefully with lilac pants adorned with exquisite embroidery detailing, it's a perfect match. Draped in a medium silk dupatta, beautifully crafted with organza and silver gota detailing, this ensemble embodies monochromatic elegance. Experience a mesmerizing blend of bold florals in subdued monochrome tones, creating a timeless and versatile addition to your wardrobe. Finished with intricate borders inspired by Indian textiles, it showcases striking monotone jaals, making it an everlasting staple.
Rs 51,000


This A-line shirt dazzles with intricate gota sequins and delicate stones, elevating its allure. Paired harmoniously with a salmon and mint dip-dyed medium silk dupatta, it's a visual masterpiece. The ensemble is completed with a white izaar, adorned with tasteful gota detailing. This design is a fusion of ethnic and French floral motifs, enhanced by jewel ornaments, and celebrates festive color palettes, bringing joy and elegance together
Rs 52,500


This A-line kurta is a masterpiece with intricate organza detailing on the neckline and exquisite handwork using gota sequences and stones. Paired with a medium silk dupatta adorned with organza and gota detailing, it's a true work of art. Elevate your style with vibrant orange crush pants, completing a stunning ensemble that's both bold and elegant.
Rs 54,000


Introducing 'Adriana' a symphony of elegance and vibrant festivity. The straight Angharkha cut shirt showcases exquisite gota and handwork detailing, while the medium silk dupatta, adorned with organza and gota, adds a touch of tradition. Immerse yourself in the world of hot pink, where botanical and organic florals dance amidst an indigo border inspired by ancient subcontinent elements.
Rs 56,500


A digitally printed A-line shirt, adorned with an embroidered neckline enhanced by intricate handwork detailing. Paired elegantly with a medium silk dupatta featuring organza and gota detailing, it's a fusion of modern and traditional elements. Complete your ensemble with the mustard straight pants for a timeless look. Immerse yourself in the allure of gold yellow, inspired by the baroque era, and embellished with classic jamawaar border and Indian-inspired ornament motifs. Chatta Patti-inspired borders add the final touch to create the perfect festive look.
Rs 51,000


This long A-line three-paneled shirt is a masterpiece of design, adorned with intricate handwork detailing. Paired gracefully with a dip-dyed medium silk dupatta featuring delicate gota detailing, it's a blend of contemporary and classic charm. Enhance your ensemble with straight pants for a complete look. Immerse yourself in the enchanting tints and shades of burgundy, layered with classic and vintage florals, and elements inspired by the baroque era.
Rs 55,000


This three-paneled kurta is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, adorned with exquisite gota sequences and stone detailing. Paired elegantly with a medium silk dupatta featuring organza and golden gota detailing, it's a blend of tradition and elegance. Embrace the festive color palette adorned with jewel ornaments, celebrating the beauty of Mughal and floral motifs. Printed chatta pattis on the sleeves add a touch of heritage. Complete your look with the white crush dhaka, and step into the world of opulence and style.
Rs 57,000


Unveiling “Arabella". This three-paneled kurta exudes sophistication with its intricate gota sequences and stone detailing. Accompanied by a medium silk dupatta featuring printed borders and gota embellishments, it's a fusion of tradition and contemporary charm. Elevate your ensemble with the izaar adorned with exquisite gota work. Immerse yourself in a festive color palette enriched with jewel ornaments, paying homage to Mughal and floral motifs.
Rs 57,000

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