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Tango - Girl

This digitally printed kurta is a vibrant and colorful piece of clothing that is sure to turn heads. The fresh orange hues with a gradient effect blended with hot pink create a bold and exciting look that is perfect for any festive occasion. The kurta is covered with floral and traditional paisley motifs that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design. The intricate floral patterns are beautifully contrasted with the traditional paisley motifs, creating a harmonious and balanced look.
Rs 28,000

Gradient Oasis - Girl

This digitally printed kurta is a stunning piece of clothing that combines rich sea green and aqua hues in a beautiful gradient effect. The colors blend seamlessly into each other, creating a mesmerizing visual impact that is both soothing and refreshing. The kurta is adorned with dainty prints of florals and ornaments that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design. The delicate floral patterns are complemented by the intricate ornament details, creating a beautiful contrast against the gradient background.
Rs 28,000

Blush - Girl

Introducing our exquisite watermelon pink Kalidar- the botanical motif embroidery, meticulously placed sequin touches and delicate lace detailing come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind ensemble. The watermelon pink base is enhanced with hues of mints, aqua, and ivory, depicting a fresh spring floral imagery and evoking the vibrant beauty of a blooming garden. This enchanting colour palette adds an extra touch of allure to the ensemble. Paired with matching pants, this Kalidar offers a complete and coordinated look.
Rs 18,000

Spring Bloom - Girl

Step into style with our minty fresh Short Box Kurta. The mint shade, blended with hints of pink and lavender tints, creates a refreshing and delightful color palette. Delicate pearl strings and a touch of French and botanical florals add an elegant charm. The kurta features baroque style embroidery detailing and exquisite Schiffli borders, exuding sophistication. Paired with an embroidered khari shalwar, this ensemble is a perfect combination of style and grace.
Rs 18,000

Vinca - Girl

A periwinkle short box kurta with intricate embroidery detailing inspired by schiffli motifs, paired with a chic khari shalwar featuring schiffli borders, make for the perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary style.
Rs 18,000

Mermaid - Girl

Make a stunning statement with our aqua-tastic kalidar. This exquisite ensemble combines a fresh aqua shade with a botanical motif and seamless patterns, evoking a delightful botanical garden feel. With delicate tints of mints and lavender, it captures the serene beauty of nature effortlessly. Featuring a playful digital print, the kalidar showcases schiffli detailing and intricate leaf-inspired embroidery, adding a touch of artistry to the design. Dazzling sequins bring a glamorous sparkle to the piece, while adorable white laces provide an extra dose of charm. Complete with matching pants, this ensemble offers a coordinated and sophisticated look.
Rs 18,000

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