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Farhan - Boy

Channel natural beauty with our graceful In-house Chikan Kari kurta set in serene sage green. Delicate Schiffli detailing enhances the allure of this ensemble, exuding timeless elegance and charm. Paired with straight pants, it's a versatile choice for both formal affairs and casual gatherings, ensuring a sophisticated and stylish appearance.
Rs 14,000

Sitara - Girl

An adorable signature angharkha ensemble in sage green, boasting intricate embroidery detailing and charming sequin embellishments. Completed with timeless plain pants.
Rs 20,000

Harris - Boy

Elevate their style with our enchanting In-house Chikan Kari kurta set in delicate dusty pink. Adorned with intricate Schiffli detailing, this ensemble exudes timeless charm and elegance. Paired with straight pants, it's a graceful choice for any special occasion, adding a touch of sophistication to their attire.
Rs 14,000

Naina - Girl

Stand out in our coordinated dusty pink ensemble. Featuring an adorable A-line kurta adorned with delicate border embroidery, paired elegantly with traditional pants. It's a delightful fusion of style and charm.
Rs 20,000

Hasan - Boy

Elevate their style with our charming In-house Chikan Kari kurta set. Adorned with delicate Schiffli detailing on a pure ivory canvas, this ensemble radiates timeless elegance. Complete with straight pants, it's the perfect blend of sophistication and youthful charm for any special occasion.
Rs 14,000

Liyanna - Girl

Shine in our ivory ensemble with tropical color prints. A cute cotton printed angharkha with in-house schiflli design and intricate embroidery to add a touch of sweetness. Paired with plain cotton pants, it's the perfect outfit.
Rs 20,000

Saad - Boy

Embrace tranquility with our serene In-house Chikan Kari kurta set in cool ice blue. Subtle Schiffli detailing lends an air of sophistication to this ensemble, evoking a sense of calm and grace. Paired with straight pants, it's a versatile option for both formal gatherings and relaxed occasions.
Rs 14,000

Aara - Girl

An adorable signature kalidar featuring color block borders, oversized schiffli details, and charming complementary embroidery. Paired effortlessly with plain pants.
Rs 20,000

Yasir - Boy

Make a statement with our vibrant In-house Chikan Kari kurta set in refreshing lime green. Playful Schiffli detailing adds a youthful touch to this ensemble, radiating energy and style. Paired with straight pants, it's a spirited choice for adding a pop of color to any celebration.
Rs 14,000

Ifa - Girl

Radiating charm in a cute lime and aqua ensemble. The oversized schiffli border and delicate embroideries make this outfit truly special, paired with matching pants.
Rs 20,000

Shayan - Boy

Embrace simplicity with our ethereal In-house Chikan Kari kurta set in soothing pastel hues. Intricate Schiffli detailing adds a touch of elegance to this ensemble, radiating understated beauty and refinement. Paired with straight pants, it's a versatile option for any occasion, ensuring a polished and graceful look.
Rs 14,000

Hana - Girl

Enter a realm of pastel enchantment with our iconic angharkha ensemble. Enhanced with charming Dori accents and intricate embroidered borders, this outfit is complemented by tailored pants. It's a flawless twinning moment, embracing grace in every hue.
Rs 20,000

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