Picture of Avelina
    Picture of Avelina
    Picture of Avelina
    Picture of Avelina


    Rs 45,000
    SKU: RTS23-100
    Design Code: RTS23-100
    Color: Blue Fabric: Velvet Work Details: Embellished

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    Indulge in the opulence of Avelina, from the Velvet and Vogue collection. This kaftan is a captivating fusion of dark, rich velvet and a mesmerizing print that draws you into its enigmatic allure. Embellished with meticulously crafted cut beads and tikki stones, it's a tribute to modern fashion, where glamour and sophistication merge effortlessly. With each stride, you exude an air of confident allure, making this kaftan the ultimate choice for those who appreciate the luxurious side of style.


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